Welcome to Yellow for Endo!

Yellow for Endo, LLC was founded November 13th, 2013 in Lexington KY. We are a non-profit organization whose main goal is to spread awareness of the disease, Endometriosis, and to provide uplifting support to those who fight it. 

We intend to do this by creating a network of face-to-face support groups, or “teams” as we’ve come to call them,  in every state. We’ve grown tremendously over the last 7 months and we are overjoyed to report that our total reach is around 6,000 people as of now! We currently have chapters in 7 states and are continuing to grow!

 We are a purely non-profit organization. We have no fluff or gimmicks. We will not take part in any exploitation to our members. We guarantee that all of our merchandise is hand-made by our volunteers and 100% of the profit goes directly back into the organization! None of the donations received or profits made from the sale of merchandise goes to any one member.

 Here at Yellow for Endo, we have a sense of humor and are not afraid to use it! Laughter is the best medicine in our book and we plan on spreading awareness with a positive outlook and by having fun! There will be special events, crafts, photos, art, music; pretty much every artistic venue will be covered. So come join in on the fun and do something good! :)

Check out our Vision and the founder of the organization for more information on what we’re all about and where we came from.

Look at our Map to see if there is a support team in your area!

Suggestions or questions? Contact Headquarters at YellowforEndo@gmail.com!




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